Furlic (furlic) wrote in live2write,

Need help putting your ideas on paper?

There ARE classes available to those of you who would like to learn how to ghost write, and there are services if you would rather have help writing your story; Here's a link to a commercial for a local ghost writing course you can sign up for.


I thought this might help some of you out, since you can visit the website and even hire someone else to ghost write a story for you (basically you tell them your ideas, and they turn it into a book, but the final product will have YOUR name on it, and no mention of the ghost writer.) The price of the Ghost Writing service includes publishing, so you can take your little idea and eventually get it printed, bound, and ready to sell in book stores, online, or wherever you want!
When you call or sign up for the classes, make sure to mention the video! :)

The classes are based in California, but you can participate over the phone if that is more convenient!
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